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Education industry integrated wiring scheme

Education industry integrated wiring scheme


Intelligent building integrated wiring system, in accordance with the design standard "GB 50314-2015 provisions of the requirements of the current building types can be divided into residential buildings, office buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, cultural buildings, museums, both buildings, exhibition, education, finance, transportation, medical, sports buildings, shops, general industrial buildings, and other types.

Education construction refers to the full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning, senior middle school, junior middle school and primary school buildings, etc.

Information access system should be outside of the campus public information network and private network education information into the campus.Information network system should meet the digital multimedia teaching, office and school management requirements.

Wiring system should satisfy all kinds of school teaching nature, scale, management mode and service business needs;Should be adapted to all kinds of school teachers for teaching, scientific research, management and students' learning, research and development of information technology applications, such as life;Shall be the effective teaching, scientific research, office and school environment provide a basic guarantee.

School buildings are more, has a teaching building, laboratory building, library, multi-function hall, the science museum and the students' dormitory.School building is another characteristic is that the campus is quite a community, so integrated wiring should be the information center of the school, to all the buildings for the center of the distribution network of radiation, he is a complex integrated wiring, more is the construction of campus network backbone fiber.School building information point cloth location, quantity and wiring system level to consider the different construction scenarios for different Settings, the determination of quantity of information, not in accordance with the construction area of consideration.And campus network wiring more with multimedia teaching, try to be all sorts of network integration.

School buildings but also with external communication and remote transmission.

Design principles

Applicability, this design from the building can provide comprehensive service the basic functions, mainly to meet the needs of the following the items on the wiring system and be able to meet the needs of the future development of network communication technology.

Information comprehensive computer network system

Module telephone exchange network (including voice, fax, x. 25, DDN, etc.)

Office automation network system

Can support a variety of data communication, multimedia technology and information management system, etc., and can adapt to the development of modern and future technology, guarantee 25 years don't fall behind.

  • Flexibility - the design should be able to meet the functional requirements of various communications equipment inside the building floors in different structures, specific communication subnet;At any point of the building on the ability to connect different types of equipment;Such as computers, telephones, fax machines, printers, terminals, etc.

  • Scalability - after implementation of the structured cabling system is extensible, so as to have a greater demand in the future is easy to install the equipment.

  • Modular structure, removed the structured cabling system fixed on the level of the building outside the cable, its all connectors are building block of standard parts, easy to use management and expanded.Can be made in the operation of maintenance work, less spare parts reserve, fault inspection location is fast, simple of operation and management.

  • Openness that can support any arbitrary network products manufacturer, support arbitrary network structure (main line, star, ring, etc.).

  • Cost-effectiveness -- -- -- -- -- on the premise of meet the application requirements, reduce cost as much as possible.

Design basis

Integrated wiring systems engineering design standard GB 50311-2007

ANSI/TIA - 568 - C / 2 American national standards institute (ANSI) the U.S. telecommunications industry association standard

Industry standard YD/communication T926 building integrated wiring system

ISO/IEC 11801:11801 building integrated wiring specification

The EIA/TIA - 569 commercial building telecommunications cabling standard routing

The EIA/TIA - 606 business building telecommunications infrastructure management standard

The EIA/TIA TSB67 business building telecommunications cabling test standard

The EIA/TIA TSB72 concentrated fiber optic cabling guidelines

Demand analysis

This project is a comprehensive university of XXX project, the construction unit for XXX, this project is located in XXX.Building height XXX, a total construction area is XXX square meters, mainly including XX, XX floor monomer building more.

As a modern comprehensive university of XX project, for the construction of the project has a high requirement, must realize the modernized information management requirements for XXXX, achieve first-class building information management level, so the design construction must be proactive, demonstration, practice and representation.

Demand analysis

1, the campus network information led optical cable into the CLP weaknesses well integrated racks on the second floor, after wiring the line into the layers of weak current well.

2, system design, integrated wiring system is responsible for voice and data transmission, appropriate structure of the China model for integrated management.Data transmission backbone USES the 50/125 multimode optical fiber cable laying and elv well within the metal bridge, horizontal cabling system adopts 6 kinds of unshielded twisted pair, love with star structure cabling system design.

3, book information point design: 1) teachers, setting up telephone and network floor socket in the laboratory.Office, function room set up double outlet port information.2) line adopts the RJ45 socket 6 types, dark outfit, bottom to 0.3 m.3) system for all devices, equipment, the contractor shall cooperate with the phone telecommunications sector is responsible for the complete delivery, installation and debugging.

Integrated wiring system

Integrated wiring is a kind of modularization, flexibility, high information transmission channels between the building or buildings.Through it can make the voice device, data exchange equipment and various equipment, control equipment and information management system, and at the same time also make these devices are connected to the external communication network integrated wiring.It also includes a network or telecom lines outside the building all cables between the points and application of system equipment and related connection parts.Integrated wiring by different series and specifications of the parts, including: the transmission medium, the related connection hardware (such as the distribution frame, connectors, sockets, plugs, adapter) and electrical protection equipment.These parts can be used to construct various subsystems, they all have their own specific purpose, not only easy to implement, and can smooth along with the change of demand to upgrade.

Therefore, integrated wiring system is a kind of standard generalized information transmission system.

The workspace subsystem

QQ picture 20171227143802. PNG

Telecom socket connection level subsystem (TO) and voice or data terminal equipment

Objective: to evaluate the changes of convenient connection to reschedule

Composition: connection jump line and the adapter

The level of subsystems

QQ picture 20171227144617. PNG

Horizontal subsystem including from the workspace to telecommunications connection between the distance (TC).

Composition: including TO and stretched the socket TO the TC of the transmission medium used.

Star topology structure should be adopted, all the workspace TO connect TO a TC (ER) or a device.

Level the maximum length of the cable is 295 feet (90 meters).

Between management subsystem

QQ picture 20171227144935. PNG

Management subsystem, including connects the two sub-systems or a subsystem for sharing distribution equipment line coupling and interconnection, termination hardware, color coding, numbering scheme and record keeping.

The vertical subsystems

QQ picture 20171227145045. PNG

Connection between telecommunication wiring and equipment areas, the realization of communication within the building.Provide the building's main (feeder) part of cable routing.

Composition: copper and fiber optic cable and connect the cable to the rest of the related support hardware.

Distance: 1. The voice level UTP cable length of 2624 feet (800 meters) 2. Data super five, six cable length of 295 feet (90 meters)

Equipment between subsystems

QQ picture 20171227145213. PNG

Equipment between subsystems including sharing common equipment, and connect the device pins on the hardware requirements of transmission medium

Composition: cables, connectors and related support hardware devices in between.

Compound floor subsystem

QQ picture 20171227145425. PNG

Cable extension of a building to complex subsystem constructions in other buildings of communications equipment and device.

Composition: including building communication between the transmission medium and support hardware facilities, including copper, fiber optic cable, grounded to prevent the surge voltage of the cable into the building electrical protection equipment.

Into the line between

Into the line between the entrance to the parts of the pipeline building external communication and information, and can be used as entrance and complex wiring equipment installation site.


Management to cope with the workspace, telecommunications, equipment rooms, into the line between the wiring equipment, cable, information module and other facilities socket set - patterns are identified and recorded.

Integrated wiring system basic composition

QQ picture 20171227150300. PNG

Copper wiring system, channel link, CP link

QQ picture 20171227150353. PNG

Product selection and configuration

Workspace subsystem, general office information point panel USES 86 type double orifice plate and single panel (CF8601 / CF8602 - H).Tongfang leadership office, conference room and so on area recommended ground;To ensure the transmission performance, and the active equipment connection jump line seg share 6 classes of jump line.

Horizontal subsystem, data and voice transmission are all made of 6 class 4 of unshielded twisted pair (CC71004), are used to implement flexible use function transformation.

Between management subsystem, data using 6 class 24 mouth unshielded distribution frame (CP21024).Voice level side using 6 class 24 mouth unshielded distribution frame (CP21024), voice trunk side with 110 jumper wire rack (CP110W2-50).By 1 to the duck mouth - RJ45 finished jumper wire across the unshielded 6 class 24 port distribution frame and 110 speech distribution frame.Optical system adopts the seg 24 frame type optical fiber distribution frame, seg LC coupler and seg LC fiber optic jumper and tail fiber finish management between fiber termination;Seg enclosure cabinet with 600 * 600 * 600 (TFJG - 42 u - 606 bm).

Indoor vertical subsystem, data trunk using 12 core multi-mode fiber (FC600-12 mit3), respectively between the building equipment installation to the floors of weak current;Voice trunk using logarithmic communication cable (according to the actual voice point number is optional, 25/50/100).Between the building equipment respectively equipped to management between the floors.

Devices, optical system adopts the seg 24 frame type optical fiber distribution frame, seg LC fiber optic jumper and tail fiber coupler and seg LC complete fiber termination;Voice trunk side with 110 jumper wire rack (CP110W2-50).Cabinet adopts 600 * 800 * 2000 tongfang network cabinets (TFJG - 42 u - 608 bm).

Complex subsystem, data between each building backbone seg outdoor 24 core multi-mode fiber (FC610-24 sov), voice trunk with 50 or 100 of tongfang outdoor multi-cores cable.

? among various buildings of equipment suggested Settings on the first floor.

Integrated wiring point table and listing tongfang wiring product parameters

The workspace subsystem

The wall type stand-up, double panel CF8601 - H/CF8602 - H


  • The flame retardant engineering plastics is better

  • Beautiful, strong, durable, environmental protection

  • Bring their own computer phone standard block

  • Bring their own label, convenient management

  • Swing door pin

  • Flame retardant performance accord with UL94V - 0

6 classes of shielding information module (card) up and down CM310G - WH


  • Performance in accordance with ANSI/TIA - 568 - C. 2 standard

  • General label T568A or T568B wiring

  • No solder pin technology, green environmental protection

  • High intensity fire plastic, 22-24 May meet wire gauge

  • 50 mu "gilt, provide at least 750 times repeated plug

  • Dust cover design style

  • Beautiful, strong, durable, environmental protection

  • Working temperature: - 10 ~ + 60 ℃

  • Flame retardant performance accord with UL94V - 0

  • A variety of color optional

The level of subsystems

6 class 4 of unshielded twisted pair CC71004


  • Apply to buildings to cable digital communication level

  • CLASS E 250 MHZ bandwidth level

  • Performance in accordance with ANSI/TIA - 568 - C. 2 standard

  • Physical and mechanical properties:

  • 23 awg wire gauge:

  • Polyolefin insulation: high density (HDPE)

  • Outer sheath: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

  • Wire diameter: 6.3 + / - 0.5 mm

  • Cross keel bone core structure: core

  • Cable color: grey (RAL7035)

  • Gross weight: 14.5 Kg (305 m/shaft)

  • The biggest sustain tension: 11.34 Kg

  • Installation temperature: 0 ~ + 50 ℃

  • Working temperature: - 20 ~ + 60 ℃

  • Certification:

The vertical subsystems

Wan Zhao indoor multimode fiber


  • 900 mu m tight set of optical fiber

  • Fiber core diameter: 50 + / - 2.5 mu m, cladding diameter: 125 + 2.5 microns

  • Support 10 GBPS transmit 150 m / 300 m / 550 m

  • Aramid fiber strengthening element

  • PVC or LSZH sheath is optional

  • Supporting the construction of backbone network and fiber to the workspace application

  • The geometry of the fiber good consistency

  • Aqua skin

  • Conforms to standard YD/T1258.4

Indoor single-mode optical fiber cable


  • 900 mu m tight set of optical fiber

  • Fiber core diameter: 9.2 + / - 0.4 mu m, cladding diameter: 125 + 1.0 microns

  • Aramid fiber strengthening element

  • PVC or LSZH sheath is optional

  • Supporting the construction of backbone network and fiber to the workspace application

  • The geometry of the fiber good consistency

  • Yellow skin

  • Conforms to standard YD/T1258.4

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